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S.C. ,,CONSTRUCTII HIDROTEHNICE” S.A. Iaşi is specialized in hydraulic engineering construction works, civil and industrial, land improvements, water supply commissioning and agricultural constructions. The company started its activity in 1978, under the name of Grupul de Şantiere « Moldova » Iaşi, within the TRUSTUL DE LUCRĂRI HIDROTEHNICE SPECIALE BUCUREŞTI, under the tutelage of National Water Council. Starting from 1984, through the reorganization of Trustul de Lucrări Hidrotehnice Speciale Bucureşti, the company changed its name to ANTREPRIZA DE LUCRĂRI HIDROTEHNICE SPECIALE „MOLDOVA” IAŞI and had been operating under this name until 1991.

In 1992, Antrepriza de Lucrări Hidrotehnice Speciale “Moldova” is reorganizing under the name of S.C. CONSTRUCTII HIDROTEHNICE S.A Iaşi., denomination under which is still operating in the present, based on the General Decision no. 104/12.02.1991, pursuant to Law no. 15/1990 on the organization of state-owned economic units as autonomous administrations and commercial societies. The company is registered with the Iaşi Trade Registry under no. J22 – 354/1991, and in the Registry of Commerce with the Directorate General of Public Finances Iaşi under no. 48/03.1991, Fiscal Identification Code: RO 1957570, headquartered in Iaşi County, Street Toma Cozma, no. 13.

S.C. Construcţii Hidrotehnice S. A. Iaşi is a Romanian entirely privately owned legal entity, the privatization being conducted based on Law no. 55/1995, the shares package owned in percentage of 80,761% (352.127 shares) by A.V.A.S. Bucharest being purchased by P.A.S. – ,,Construcţii Hidrotehnice” Iaşi Association.

S.C. Constructii Hidrotehnice S.A. owns 80% of the shares owned by S.C. International Petroleum Services S.R.L – a society that develops irrigation projects in Iraq and 100% of the shares owned by S.C. Alboram S.R.L. – a society activating in Constanţa county, that produces precast concrete elements and performs activities such as presentation, marketing and assembly of finished products made of  marble, granite, travertine and construction works such as water abductions, sewage works, pavement execution and others.

The company has a functional structure organized in project sites, at national level, and external representations and its main activity objective, in the country and abroad, is the execution of:

  • hydraulic engineering construction works (NACE code: 4291): construction of concrete, earth and rockfill dams, complex water supply commissioning, industrial and potable water sewage treatment plants, flood protection systems, embankments, river regularizations, consolidations, derivations, galleries, water castles, debuggers, reservoirs, drilling operations, water abstractions, abductions, penstocks, drainages, dredging and maritime protection, torrent correction, caissons, reinforced concrete sealing screens and Kelly hoses;
  • civil and industrial constructions, roads and bridges constructions, including capital repairs in constructions, manufacture of concrete elements for construction, demolition, construction sites organization;
  • determinations and laboratory analysis in constructions: authorized profiles: B.B.A.B.P, D., G.T.F., M.BM.,  M.N.B..
  • Performs and produces services for specific activities in the fields of constructions, transport, mechanization, production and extraction of quarry and gravel products such as: precast concrete elements, metal fabrications, equipment and means of transportation provisions, equipment and means of transport repairs.

The objective of S.C. CONSTRUCŢII HIDROTEHNICE S.A. Iaşi is to maintain its image and position on the industry market, gained in the four decades of existence, by ensuring and guaranteeing the quality of professionally executed works and by establishing good and fair communication relationships with its partners, employees and the authorities.

The certification of the company, since 2003, by IQNet through the Romanian Association for Quality Assurance (SRAC) on performing activities in accordance with the requirements set by Quality, Environment and Heath and Occupational Health and Safety Management System through SREN ISO 9001:2008, SREN ISO 14001:2005 and, respectively, OHSAS 18001:2007 standards, confers certainty to our partners that the company’s organizational system offers the adequate framework for achieving the set objectives.

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